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Welcome to the David Schmidt family's Tower Mt. home page.

Well, I've finally been dot-com'd and I'm un-employed for the first time since my sophomore year of High School.  If you know of a position available in the computer game development or computer networking field please check out my resume link to the left.

Why Tower Mt. and the domain?  

First of all, we live on Tower Mt. Lane on Tower Mt. just south of Spokane, WA.  Named because the top of the mountain is owned by a local television station which has a very large antenna at the peak.

This was one of the reasons we moved here as there are hundreds of acres of land above our house for hiking.

Second, the most prominent feature of our house as first viewed is an actual tower that the builder (and previous owner) built on the back of one of the garages.

The 3 story tower has a workshop in the base, a finished office on the second level and "bedroom" in the pinnacle.

While my office is currently inside the house, this could become a great office if my kids ever get too noisy in the house!


Home Webcams - catch me if you can! (G rated)

This page was last updated on 04/01/02.