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Due to an office closure I'm now unemployed for the first time since my sophomore year of High School.  Here is a copy of my resume and a link to my resume in Word format.

David J. Schmidt

7415 E. Tower Mt. Lane


Home 509-448-7333

Spokane, WA 99223

Cell 509-869-0928





Over 20 years of professional experience in software engineering, network

engineering and network security in the banking and telecommunications

industries.  Experience in software development, software testing, network

design, network troubleshooting.





* My strongest skill is my ability to rapidly learn new skills and systems

  and to understand not only how they work, but also why.

* Computer Languages: Embedded C, C++ Perl, TCL.

* Operating Systems: Development and system administration for Unix (Linux).

  Cisco IOS.  Strong Windows and Windows Office tools user.

* Protocols: TCP/IP suite (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP), SNMP, HTTP, XML, CGI, DNS,







1998 - Present

(Formerly Packet Engines, Inc.)


Senior Software Engineer, 1999 - Present

* Sole engineer responsible for enhancing and maintaining the OSPF routing

  protocol code on the Alcatel Omnicore gigabit switch/routers.

* Awarded Alcatel Employee of the Quarter for performing duties beyond the

  call of my job description.

* Stepped up for an emergency flight to Italy on one day's notice for a

  sales support call where a product presentation was improvised (after

  being told one wasn't expected) and kept Alcatel in the running for a

  multi-million dollar account.

* Member of the Command Line Interface (CLI) group and developed an XML

  based CLI Parsing engine.

* Developed targeted test procedures for the BGP routing protocol during

  initial BGP development.

* Chosen to present BGP product in interoperability testing to a large

  potential customer in Beijing, China.

* Innovated a new IP Source Based Routing method which Alcatel has chosen

  to patent.


Quality Assurance Automation Engineer, 1998 - 1999

* Envisioned and implemented automated tools for Quality Assurance testing

  of routing switches,  allowing 10 times more tests to be run in the same

  amount of time.

* Championed our switch/router through various vendor test labs, using

  expertise to accentuate our switches strengths and mask its weaknesses

  to generate top reviews.

* Member of the 1998 Networld - Interop Network Operations Center team (NOC

  Team) promoting the use of our switch/router when another vendor's product




1994 - 1998

(Formerly Internet On-Ramp, Inc.)


Founder, Internet On-Ramp, Inc. 1994 - 1995

* Founded Internet On-Ramp, an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

* Involved in every aspect of operating a new business; configuring new

  equipment (5 Linux servers, 3 Cisco routers, 300+ modems, etc.), setting

  up the company books, writing billing software and hiring / supervising

  10 employees.

* Sustained a 15% monthly growth rate in subscriber count and revenue to

  become Spokane's largest locally owned ISP.


Regional Vice President, Internet Ventures, Inc. 1995 - 1998

* Merged Internet On-Ramp in 1995 with Internet Ventures, Inc., a west

  coast provider of cable Internet solutions.

* Managed all Pacific Northwest IVI operations.

* Installed first Cable Internet operation for IVI in Ventura, CA.

* Performed due diligence on potential acquisitions in California and




1982 - 1994

(Formerly ISC-Bunker Ramo, who was formerly ISC Systems Corporation.)


Senior Software Engineer 1982 - 1994

* Built a TCP/IP based network on top of company's existing X.25 network

  which inter-connected 30+ field offices with company headquarters.

* Designed / engineered TCP/IP based network for largest customer (Citibank)

  which interconnected all bank branches.

* Designed a TCP/IP based file distribution program which allowed banks

  to rapidly update software releases and rate table information to all

  bank branches.

* Implemented connection to the global Internet and configured all Internet

  services including e-mail, Usenet News, FTP, DNS and WWW.

* Maintained and enhanced TCP/IP code used on company's main product.

  Ported system programs using that TCP/IP code including FTP, SNMP,

  E-mail and DNS to run on the company's product.

* Wrote the MSDOS RAM BIOS interface for company's first PC product.

  (8088 assembly language)

* Wrote the CP/M BIOS and maintained the CP/M product which ran on

  company's bank teller hardware.  (Z-80 assembly language)




Math / Computer Science coursework, Eastern Washington University,

Cheney, WA


Wide variety of corporate sponsored continuing education.




Volunteer radio operator - Spokane City / County Emergency Services

Volunteer big brother with Big Brothers and Sisters

Officer, Porsche Club of America - Inland Northwest Region