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Porsche 928 GT

This 1988 928 S4 is again for sale in Spokane, WA.  I saw it in March of 2001 at a detailers and got some pictures and was able to start it up, but wasn't able to take it for a test drive.  I have NO financial interest in this car, but I'm willing to get more recent pictures and help get it inspected for anyone that's interested.

Here's the recent classified from 4/27/2002:

    Gorgeous 928S4, black/black, rare 5-sp, chrome wheels, loaded, only 64K mi. $22,500 obo. 747-4700 or 953-3700.

Here are my pictures from March of 2001 along with my comments from the time.  The owner did send me e-mail last year stating that the old wheels have been replaced.

NOTE: These comments were from LAST year, and things may have changed since then!

First of all, this looks like a real nice car, though I couldn't classify it as "perfect" as the owner states. I tried to find every thing I could and nothing came up as major.

I did NOT drive the car or check out the A/C. If you get serious about this car and wish for me to test drive it or take it for a PPI locally go ahead and arrange it with the owner and I'll make myself available to give you an independent opinion.

The car was located at the detailing shop of the local Mercedes dealership though it wasn't being brokered by the dealership. It was parked in the corner with other cars beside it and in front of it.

Car has a Texas Plate and Texas stickers on the front windshield. VIN is WPOJBO92XJS861663

The emblem on the front looks clean and shiny, but the black rubber piece that it sits on was missing or pulled under the badge on top. Mine was the same way because folks tend to close the hoods by pushing down on the emblem and it eventually deforms the rubber piece it sits on. New emblem and rubber piece is available from the big 3 for $30-40 though.

Wheels are slot wheels and looked to be in good shape with the exception of the passenger rear wheel. It looks like someone had to drill out the locking bolt at one time and got into the wheel a bit. There were no locking lug nuts on any of the wheels. I didn't notice any excessive curb rash though I forgot to carefully examine the rims for any signs. Sorry! Tires are Yokohama A540 and have lots of tread on them. (Could even be new, but I'm not expert enough to judge.) They do have external weights which I don't like. Wheels look much cleaner when balance with taped weights inside.

Back end looked clean with no signs of damage. Wing is in perfect shape. It does have the 928S4 decal below the embossed "Porsche".  Car does have tinted side windows that looked good though there's a small patch on the passenger side window where the tinting has "bubbled" or come loose slightly. This patch is about 2" round and is in the corner closest to the rear of the car. <<DSC00220.JPG>>

Aftermarket stereo is Sony CDX-2180 CD/AM/FM and I'd guess it has removable face plate though I didn't play with it. At least some of the interior speakers are aftermarket.

Dash air sensor intake is broken along the edges. (I was told this was common and the prior owner of my car had replaced it on my '90 GT and pointed it out.) Was so dark inside that I had problems getting the camera to focus. There is a noticeable fold or buckle in the dash right above the center vent which may be hard to see in this photo. There are NO cracks in the dash or pod. The tip of the driver's side door pillar is just *starting* to pull up. (My '90 GT has pulled up here on both sides and this car is much nicer in that respect.) 63,883 miles on odometer as of today. K40 radar detector with remote control above steering wheel. Nicely readable, but does block a bit of the bottom of the speedo and tach.

Digital clock was set to current time when I was there.

Shifter and boot were clean and shifter moved through the gears cleanly. You'll have to have someone drive it to judge how the clutch and shifting feels and to listen for any torque tube problems.

All carpet mats looked clean and almost new. Seats all looked good as new in black leather.

Rear interior panels are both heat warped away from the windows. This is not noticeable from the outside due to the tinted windows (at least when inside a darker building). My '90 GT also has badly warped back panels as the leather tightens up and pulls the hard foam core up. This is the most noticeable interior problem. I'd rate the interior a 9 or 9.5. Window/sunroof/wiper controls look a bit worn. I didn't operate windows or sunroof as I didn't have enough time. I'd check those during a driving test. Center compartment had loose carpet but didn't appear to be cracked. A bit of glue will easily fix this.

Rear hatch did NOT release when interior knob was pulled, though I could hear the motor operate. Dr. DeWood called my cell phone while I was examining it and he said he had instructed the shop to fix that so it may be fixed by the time the car is sold. Check it though. Rear hatch opened easily with key and latched easily when closed. The rear hatch can have adjustment issues from what I've seen on the list.

Cargo cover is missing. Replacements can cost a few hundred dollars from the Big 3. The cargo compartment carpet looked good and the backing shows no signs of deterioration. Took kit is missing two of the open ended wrenches (easy to replace). The tow hook IS there. The rubber pad on the passenger side on which the lug wrench rests looks like it's been replaced. (The foam rubber used by Porsche under this carpet is HORRIBLE and turns to a rubbery powder. I had to scrape and vacuum mine out of my car.) Space saving spare is there and the jack is in the spare tire instead of behind the tool kit. There is NO sign of the Porsche air pump and the owner said he never had one. He was not the first owner of this car. Folks often remove these and sell them on E-bay to make a few extra $$ for their cars.

Engine compartment looks very clean and has been obviously freshly detailed as the rubber is all shining. I didn't have any tape with me to check for proper "flappy wave" but can check that if I test drive it later. The under hood foam looks new with no signs of heat deterioration. The air intake shows some minor signs of the coating starting to peel on the "32V" on the passenger side but nothing major.

Engine started right up and idled right around 800 RPM. (Sorry about the glare.) Oil pressure went straight up to 5 bar. (Once warmed up you can expect it to idle at 3 bar but jump right back to 5 bar as engine revs).

There are some miner pain blemishes on the hood. The first picture is of the most noticeable and this spot is about the size of a dime. There are also some touched up rock chips, but not many for a 13 yr old car. The large rubber piece under the radiator looks like it's in one piece and pretty clean, though it looks like it's been bumped a bit off. (Not unusual as I've bottomed out the front exiting from parking lots and such.) Exhaust looks stock with single hole tip.

All exterior lights worked.

I gave the engine compartment a close look for ANY signs of re-painting and saw no signs of overspray on either side. Crossbar has a few bright spots where the paint was scratched off but I'd guess this was from someone working on the car rather than from an accident. I'm NOT an expert though so you should ask the owner about any prior accidents and check CarFax to make sure.

I couldn't find the option codes in the back compartment and the sticker on the door jam was TOTALLY faded and unreadable. Perhaps the owner has the original sticker.

I forgot to check glove compartment too. Just too many things to look over on a lunch period!

Anyway, I hope that helps and please let me know if you are interested enough for me to do a follow up test drive and to have me give the under belly a closer inspection. If you *are* interested I'd recommend a full mechanical pre-purchase inspection. I know of no 928 experts here locally, but there is a Porsche mechanic in our PCA group who is a former German national who was trained at the Porsche factory. He did a front brake job on my car this last fall and did a fine job. He is about 30 miles away. On general principles I'd NOT recommend the Mercedes dealership where it's at just because he said they've done all the work. Probably better to find someone not so attached to the car on general principles. (I have NOTHING against the dealership, but I try to avoid potential conflicts of interest.)

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